The Ransomed Shall Return | Isaiah 35:1-10

Pastor Anton Brown - 12/11/2022

Sermon Outline:

Big Idea: We can take heart for the Lord has fulfilled His promise to lead His people to redemption.

  1. The barren way is transformed into one of beauty (1-2).
  2. To our unbridled joy, the Lord is coming (3-4)
  3. Amid this beauty and joy, we are redeemed (8-10).

Bible Fellowship Group Study Questions:

  1. Isaiah’s vision of the blooming desert signifies a new and greater Exodus than that of Moses. What Exodus is he envisioning? See v 1-2, Isaiah 40:3, and John 1:19-34.
  2. Pastor Anton said, “The barren way is the fallow and hard ground of our hearts. The Lord will break up the fallow ground by the power of His Spirit. He will water it by the washing of His Word.” What do you think about that?
  3. Why should this desert bloom as it did in the vision Isaiah saw? See v 3-4. Consider this is light of John 14:1-3.
  4. Read verse 8 followed by John 14:6, 1 John 1:9, & John 10:27-29.
  5. Verse 10 speaks of the ransomed of the Lord returning to Zion. Who are the ransomed, and how was the ransom price paid? See Mark 10:45 and Romans 3:21-26. 
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