The Sign of Immanuel | Isaiah 7:10-25

Pastor Anton Brown - 12/18/2022

Sermon Outline:

Big Idea: Our lack of trust exemplifies our need of a Savior and emphasizes God’s faithfulness.

  1. The Lord desires to bless (10-11).
  2. We mask distrust with false piety [and it has grave consequences] (12, 18-25).
  3. The Lord is faithful to His promises (13-17)

Bible Fellowship Group Study Questions:

  1. Based on the sermon and Scripture passage, how would you describe the kingship of Ahaz? See also 2 Kings 16:3.
  2. How does the passage show us our need for a Savior? How does it emphasize God’s faithfulness?
  3. Verse 10 demonstrates the inspiration of the Scripture. Pastor Anton said, “The human voice fades to the background and the voice of the Sovereign God echoes through the pages of Scripture, with authority, without error, with clarity, without any lack whatsoever.” Discuss what it means for the Scripture to have authority over our lives.
  4. What are the consequences of denying the authority of Scripture in our lives?
  5. What were the consequences of Ahaz’s unbelief? See verses 18-25.
  6. How does God show His faithfulness toward His people in verses 13-16?
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