Biblical Leadership | Titus 1:5-16

Pastor Anton Brown - 2/19/2023

Sermon Outline:

Big Idea: A biblical church is stewarded by a plurality of elders.

  1. Qualified men (5-9)
  2. Who steward doctrine (9, 13)
  3. Guard the faith (10-16)

Bible Fellowship Group Study Questions:

  1. See verses 5-9. What does it mean that Titus was to appoint elders? The word appoint in Acts 14:23 indicates elders were voted into office. Would Paul give Titus more, less, or the same authority to appoint as Paul gave himself?
  2. Why is the role of elder limited to qualified men? See 1 Timothy 2:12-13. While the role of authoritative teaching is limited to men, what can we say about female leadership otherwise?
  3. What is the primary task of the elder in light of verse 9 & 13? What other responsibilities might belong to the elder? See Acts 6:1-7.
  4. In verses 10-16, Pastor Anton indicated that the task of an elder includes guarding the faith of the church. What might that entail? Consider aspects of these verses in your answer.
  5. How might you support the work of the elders as a member of a congregational church? How might the congregation do this?

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