Biblical Living | Titus 2:1-15

Pastor Anton Brown - 2/26/2023

Sermon Outline:

Big Idea: Because of our Redemption, we live for Christ as we await His return.

  1. Our redemption (11-14).
  2. Our manner of life (2-10).
  3. Our need (1, 15).

Bible Fellowship Group Study Questions:

  1. Sanctification is our growth in holiness that should follow conversion to Christ. Pastor Anton said that verse 12 is a good description of what sanctification means. Read verse 12 and discuss your sanctification. How are you growing in holiness? How can Mayflower grow in holiness?
  2. Critics of the apostle Paul have labeled him a misogynist because of what he says in verses 3-5 and in other places. Pastor Anton said that Paul does not mean that wives are to be subdued under the power of their husbands, but to submit to them as heads of their home. Read verses 3-5 and then read 1 Corinthians 11:3, Ephesians 5:22-33. What does this or should this look like in marriage?
  3. Critics of the apostle Paul also label him as a racist because he does not condemn slavery outright. What are we to think about racism? How did the Atlantic slave trade and slavery in Paul’s day differ? Paul’s admonition in verses 9-10 demonstrates that we are called to live for Christ no matter our circumstances. Is that a reasonable expectation in your view?
  4. Verses 1 and 15 show us that God knew our greatest and singular need which was demonstrated to us on the cross of Christ. This truth is to be taught and guarded. How can we ensure this?

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