Love the King[ston!] Sunday: Who Is My Neighbor? | Luke 10:25-37

Pastor Anton Brown - 3/19/2023

Sermon Outline:

Big Idea: Stop looking for excuses to avoid loving those around you. Instead, follow Christ to love God and love others.

  1. We are called to love our neighbor (25-29).
  2. Our love is one of action (30-35)
  3. We are commanded to go and do likewise (36-37).

Bible Fellowship Group Study Questions:

  1. The lawyer of the Jewish Law wants to justify himself- to check the box that he has loved his neighbor enough to be included among those who will inherit eternal life. What do you think this reveals about the heart of the lawyer? What must we do to be justified? Consider John 3:16-17 and Romans 3:21-26 in your discussion.
  2. Many people think that our love for others should be an overflow of our love of ourselves. But C.S. Lewis thought that our love for our neighbor would teach us to properly love ourselves. What do you think about that?
  3. In verses 33-35, we see the Samaritan take action toward the man lying half-dead. Look at the actions the Samaritan takes. How should our love for our neighbor be shaped by this? Consider James 2:14-26 in your discussion.
  4. In verses 36-37 we learn that the love of a neighbor begins with us, for the one who has mercy is the neighbor. How does this realization change the way you think and act like a neighbor?

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