9/25/2022 - 11/20/2022

Genesis is where it all began, where God created everything that is in existence out of nothing. A faithful understanding of this important book is essential to ground our Christian faith. For from this book we come to understand who God is, His relationship to the world, who we are, and our relationship with God. Here, the fundamentals of the human condition are shown, from which we begin to see that mankind is completely unable to save itself from the snare of sin. It is also the place where the hope of a savior is first revealed. The Origins Series holds much promise for us as we seek to live in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

See also the Origins Series Resources page to engage on topics related to this series. This will be frequently updated throughout the series.

In This Series

  1. The Creation of the World | Genesis 1:1-31
  2. God Rests | Genesis 2:1-3
  3. Made With Purpose | Genesis 2:4-25
  4. Paradise Lost | Genesis 3:1-24
  5. I Am My Brother's Keeper! | Genesis 4:1-26
  6. A Glimmer of Hope | Genesis 5:1-32
  7. The Cost of Disobedience | Genesis 6:1-8
  8. The Necessity of Judgment | Genesis 6:9-7:24
  9. Perseverance | Genesis 8:1-19